Military Style Jacket *updated*

Friday, December 6th, 2013   Fashion Friday

I’m not super trendy. I never have been one to race after a fad…with the exception of slap bracelets, I was all over that shit.  I tend to gravitate towards outfits that are functional as well as attractive, yup, just like every other fashion blogger out there, you can insert my snort laugh here. This post was supposed to be done last Friday but I was distracted by being sick and navigating my first single (that feels awkward to type) holiday, then there was something shiny and…..

HERE is my one week late short post about an outfit I found on Pinterest and decided to remake, this is the original picture I found on there:

IMG_8684[1]   IMG_9117 IMG_9121

Seemed simple enough I already owned most of it, I just needed the jacket. Which I found at Old Navy for twenty bucks! The breakdown goes like this;

White tank (most ladies have a few of these lying around, amirite?!?) If not pick yourself up one from Target or Old Navy or my personal fave Nordstrom.

Military style jacket, similar style here.

Distressed jeans, I went cheap on these at first and then later upgraded to some fancy-schmancy ones, but truth be told I still love the originals Vigoss from Norstrom, at $58.00 bucks they are a stretchy steal.

the scarf came from Forever 21 accessories, I have them in almost every color which I find reasonable given how soft they are for $12.80

The earrings I purchased last year from Stella & Dot after being a hostess for a party. I will admit I went through a big, dangle, flashy earring phase but I just love,love, love studs. These feel fancy and the pop of green-blue is nice. While these original ones are no longer available these are cute and have the same color in them.

For day I wore a pair of Sam Edelman black leather flats but at night I added a black ankle boot, you know to feel saucy. The booties I have are from Target, as a side note I don’t usually buy shoes there,  I find they kind of suck, then again I have weird narrow feet so this could just be me. These Mossimo booties have been the rare exception to that feeling, I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit to the whole ankle boot thing so I took them for a test drive and fell in love, a similar (and in my opinion cuter) version is available here .

I have worn this combo two or three times since finding it online, give it a whirl and let me know what you added or changed.

Happy Weekend!

**Updated with a Picture!!**



I swear this post isn’t sponsored by Band-Aid.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013   Feelings, Tiny Humans


One of my tiny humans came to me after breakfast this morning. She is my fretful darling, smart beyond her years and caring to a fault. She told me she was very concerned and worried (yes, those were the words she used), she had a Band-Aid on her knee and she knew it was time for it to come off but she was afraid it would hurt and then she would need another Band-Aid and then that one would have to come off and so on and on and on…

You get the picture.

Normally I would just be flip and point in another direction, “oh look at that!” and then rip it when she looked away (effective, no?) this time I crouched to her level, looked into her beautiful, blueberry eyes and told her the truth.

You will find in life, my darling, that anticipating an event, change, anything unknown will always be scarier than the actual thing you are worried about.

She looked at me for a minute, a kind of side eye look, brandished her knee, I ripped and she hopped off claiming that “was nothing”.

I was still crouched in the kitchen thinking about how I should really take my own advice; no one wants to feel vulnerable whether it’s the ripping of a Band-Aid or the fear of rejection. I have been making strides, letting go of assumptions and asking the questions I’m afraid to get answers to. I have a long way to go, I’m hoping like anything else that with time you become desensitized to that gut check fear and it becomes a habit. Could you imagine being open to new experiences without the fear of judgment or anxiety of rejection? What would you do if that was possible?

What is your Band-Aid?

Image credit: Neal

Fashion Friday

Friday, November 22nd, 2013   Fashion Friday

I’m planning to make Fashion Friday a regular column, fortunately due to the overwhelming support and outpouring of kindness yesterday I just sat here with my jaw hanging open…

My cup truly runneth over.

Next Friday when you drop by you will find a nifty little piece about a recent outfit I found on Pinterest that I am now living in.

Thank you again for yesterday, it was amazing.

Why Dirty Duchess?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013   The Beginning

Welcome to this space, it’s shiny and new, please take off your shoes (unless they make your outfit) and kick back, grab a drink, and bring a friend. I have been asked incessantly since I started the process of designing this site what it would be about.

I wish I knew.

Dirty Duchess is a small carry over from my first and anonymous blog, The Duchess, which was about my struggle with being a new wife, moving to a small town and my journey with loss and infertility. I can promise you there will be 98% less vagina stories on this site. Dirty Duchess is about real life, I didn’t get the fairytale ending but I do have a shot a pretty fantastic second act. Still if you would have told me in 2004 that in the end of 2013 I would be getting divorced, raising two daughters, working as a barista and still struggling to find my direction, I would have laughed at you…and poured a drink… and freaked out.

Life is dirty, but there are amazing things wrapped in the chaos of this path I’m on. Some days I have a hard time seeing all the beauty and joy that surround me but for the most part I’m learning to refocus on what is really important.

I want to have a life not just a lifestyle.

I want to live in the now and appreciate what I do have. I want to enjoy every single day of good health that I am given. I want to push myself to be my best, even if that means needing a day to be inconsolable.

I want to see my children not only grow but thrive and have excitement for the amazing world we live in. If I have learned nothing else in the last three months it’s that there is extraordinary kindness in this world and it can be found in the most unexpected places.

I want to let go of control and embrace vulnerability, things that are so easy to say and so very hard to do.

I had hoped this would  This will be a space to talk about all the things I enjoy; food, fashion, sex, good books, great writers, amazing people and stories from my own life.

I hope you will join me…