Seems somewhat redundant considering this whole site is about me but since Heather went to the trouble of designing this page I suppose I could give you a cliff notes…


I live in a small town in southern Oregon, I’m from Portland originally. I work as a barista and chances are I will screw up your order. I’m type A but try to hide it, I’m a major rule follower and breaker, I don’t judge, and I don’t pity, life is hard, we all have hard. I’m emotional and I like to have fun, if it isn’t fun I have a hard time committing to it, actually I have a hard time committing to a lot of things. This is side B of my journey, rock bottom, new beginning…call it whatever you like there are bound to be hiccups and they are usually pretty comical. If you can’t laugh then the predicament has won – I never let the predicament win.

The opinions expressed on this site are solely mine. The posts on here will not be heavily edited for grammatical errors, deal with it. I use profanity, deal with that too. I love comments, they are like tiny little hits of crack, just remember that while I seem harmless if you troll on here you will be hunted, I do have skills. Any post that is product or company sponsored will be clearly labeled. Also I don’t dish on religion and or politics.