Thursday, May 5th, 2016   Stuff, Tiny Humans

Have you ever had one of those days weeks years? Where you just feel like sleeping and eating and basically embracing your inner Garfield but more sarcastic? 

It’s spring which means my tiny humans are over school and routine and getting up. I swear Claire all but said f*ck you to me today, she’s a lady and wouldn’t speak that way but she managed to say it with her eyes and sloth like movements. Her ability to flip on sloth mode is impressive and she does it to make her older sister mad and late or late and mad. It’s a vicious cycle and usually ends with me completely spent trying not to think about how many more of these arduous mornings I’ll have to grind through. 

Then something magical happened this afternoon. I was volunteering in Sasha’s classroom and needed to use the loo, I walked into the bathroom and bumped straight into Claire. It was such a surprise and like seeing your long lost best friend or a really good sandwich. We both giggled and it was just weird, weird in that we have separate-ish lives now that they are both in school full days and those lives collided today. It made me realize that I could do a thousand more and it would all be ok. At the end of this hardcore parenting gig we will morph into friends – that’s decades away but for a split second today we felt what that would be like. 


  1. Ciao! Ma che meraviglia le tartarughine!!! Brava, bravissima, hai contribuito alla loro nascita… e grazie al cielo sono femmine! Quanto le terrai a casa? E la loro destinazione sarà qualche parco naturale qui a Trieste? Il coniglio è bellissimo, ed è sempre bello vedere Susy alo2.8&17;lpera#. Baciotti, Giusy

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