Why Dirty Duchess?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013   The Beginning

Welcome to this space, it’s shiny and new, please take off your shoes (unless they make your outfit) and kick back, grab a drink, and bring a friend. I have been asked incessantly since I started the process of designing this site what it would be about.

I wish I knew.

Dirty Duchess is a small carry over from my first and anonymous blog, The Duchess, which was about my struggle with being a new wife, moving to a small town and my journey with loss and infertility. I can promise you there will be 98% less vagina stories on this site. Dirty Duchess is about real life, I didn’t get the fairytale ending but I do have a shot a pretty fantastic second act. Still if you would have told me in 2004 that in the end of 2013 I would be getting divorced, raising two daughters, working as a barista and still struggling to find my direction, I would have laughed at you…and poured a drink… and freaked out.

Life is dirty, but there are amazing things wrapped in the chaos of this path I’m on. Some days I have a hard time seeing all the beauty and joy that surround me but for the most part I’m learning to refocus on what is really important.

I want to have a life not just a lifestyle.

I want to live in the now and appreciate what I do have. I want to enjoy every single day of good health that I am given. I want to push myself to be my best, even if that means needing a day to be inconsolable.

I want to see my children not only grow but thrive and have excitement for the amazing world we live in. If I have learned nothing else in the last three months it’s that there is extraordinary kindness in this world and it can be found in the most unexpected places.

I want to let go of control and embrace vulnerability, things that are so easy to say and so very hard to do.

I had hoped this would  This will be a space to talk about all the things I enjoy; food, fashion, sex, good books, great writers, amazing people and stories from my own life.

I hope you will join me…


  1. Love it…..but was taken aback by the divorce. I had no idea! My jaw is still on the floor as I type this. One thing is for sure, you are going to come out of it better than ever! If anyone can rock divorce, it would be you. Not making light, but you got this.

  2. Love this Jen! Thank you for putting into words, how I am feeling! I could totally use any wisdoms and or support of other strong women navigating the upstream currents of marriage (which btw, is just more laundry than anything else) and raising young kiddos. Daily, I struggle to see the positive and enjoy the small things, however, it is really hard sometimes.
    Thank you:)

  3. Having you back is as if my best friend would relocate from Canada back home. Can’t wait to see what is unfolding on your path, and thank you for keeping your unique voice.

  4. Love it Jen! After one of the hardest years I’ve faced in my own marriage this year, I can relate. What paralyzes me more than anything is the fear and the uncertainty of what divorce brings. Keep pushing yourself, amazing journeys are waiting to be discovered!! Thanks for providing a place where so many of us can join and follow and hopefully find strength through you as well as give you strength!!!

  5. Jen, I am so excited for you & this site is amazing! What a great way to motivate yourself & the people around you, myself included. I divorced a few years ago & I must say it was difficult as it still is at times but during this time you really find out who you are & what you want out of life. I feel like you & I are on the same page of what is important. Amazing how much joy are kids bring us. From what I have seen so far you are a very strong women & your girls will be so proud of you. I look forward to seeing your posts & pics.

  6. Awesome first post, Jen!! You’re a fantastic, witty writer and I’ve always enjoyed reading what you have to say. I’m glad to call you a friend. Keep kicking ass girlfriend : )

  7. Ooh your new space is so pretty! I love it!

    This whole starting over process is a bitch isn’t it? But life in the after is pretty badass if you let it be.

  8. Dudette! You’ve always been able to reach so many people through your wonderful writing ability, and demand for what you know is right! I love, love, love you, and so glad to hear your positive quirkiness again! You kick ass and always have! Preach on Dirty Duchess!
    Love to Everything Beautiful (that’s you),
    ~The Betsy

  9. Oh man lady, I’m so jelly right now! Look at you…. not sure how you managed to become even more awesome than I previously thought, you BlogQueen. I love you!

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